Dear friends,
We are honoured to invite you to the international scientific conference
«Interdisciplinary Studies of the Man and the World as the basis of the New Way of Life»,

that will take place at Chernihiv T.G. Shevchenko National Pedagogical University, Ukraine
on October 31 - November 1, 2013

The discussions will consider issues pertaining to the following areas of research:

1. Modern studies in systemology: integrative approaches to phenomena's classification - the shift from analysis towards synthesis.
2. Multi-dimensional macro- and micro-worlds in systemic description (from astrophysical objects to nano-world).
- astrophysical objects in multi-dimensional description;
- wave processes in macro- and micro-worlds;
-te integrity of macro- and micro-worlds in the contexts of the new methodological paradigm.
3. Predicting and modeling social processes as a part of systems' management in the New Era.
Modern studies of systemic relations in various level social groups (family, kin and national "trees" in social processes).
4. Communication in the Age of Transformations
- interaction at the levels of sign systems, mass media, social and professional groups;
- interaction in the spheres of education and culture.
5. Universal linguo-semiotics: dynamic world-images in language systems.
- language and speech processes in the light of quantum transitions;
- te wave nature of language and speech phenomena 
- the diversity of world-views as a manifestation of multi-dimensional nature of humans' mental, language and speech activities;
- sign symbolism as the language systems' modeling function.
6. Multivariate interpretations of historic processes and civilization patterns as the basis for the new way of life.
7. Systemic processes inherent to humans' vital functions: sustaining and renewing health.
- physical-physiological premises and philosophic interpretations of vital processes in biological, group and social systems;;
- distortions in human development and systemic approach to the notion of "addiction";
- healthy life-style as the system's integrity and balance in its hierarchic coordinated development;;
- universal approaches towards the bio-vital systems' sustainability.

Registration –  8.30 AM-9 AM on October 31, 2013 at Philology faculty of Chernihiv pedagogical university (53, Hetman Polubotok str.;  trolley-bus # 1,8,9 or shuttle bus # 16, 30, 38, 39 from the railway terminal)

October 31, 2013:
9.00 – 12.00 – Plenary session (reports at the plenary – up to 20 min.)
12.20 – 13.50 – Dinner (included in the registration fee)
14.00 – 18.00 – Discussion groups and master-classes (reports – up to 15 min., master-class - up to 30 min.)
18.00 – 18.40 – entertainment program
November 1, 2013:
9.30-12.00 - Interdisciplinary discussion groups (projects' pre-designing)
12.20 – 13.00  - "roundtable discussion"
13.00 - 14.00– Dinner
14.30-16.30 -  tour of the city (optional)

Abstracts will be published prior to the conference and distributed at the registration

- Requirements for abstracts: 3 pages in MS-Word 2000-2003 *.doc or *.rtf format, Times New Roman, 14; 1,5-spaced, margins – 2 cm all; illustrations must be italicized; the title must be capitalized and centered; author’s full name and university (company) must be placed above the title and right-aligned; pictures, tables, specific fonts, information about the author are provided additionally as files; CDs are not to be finalized for possible corrections; e-mail to
- Registration fee – UAH 200 for residents of Ukraine; 35 USD for non-residents. Materials and postal fee transfers are to be made to Oleksandr S. Kolesnyk, 47-A Shevchenko str., apt. 15, Chernihiv 14013, Ukraine. Fees can also be transferred via Western Union, Private Money at “Privat Bank” of Ukraine or suchlike services. Participation in absentia is possible.
- Deadline for submitting materials – November 15, 2012
- All expenses are covered by participants or establishments that they represent. We suggest that participants take care of visas / return tickets in advance. The organizing committee cannot assist in visa obtaining.
- All information is available by phone 066-2236306 or e-mail (Oleksandr Kolesnyk); 066-1801995, (Maryna Kolesnyk)

Application Form

1. Full Name, position, scientific degree
2. University, city, country
3. Presentation title, presentation type
4. Preferred technical aids for demonstration
5. Full contact information (home address, tel., e-mail etc.):
6. Accommodations. If you need a room to be reserved at a hotel, please specify the dates, number of days, preferred criteria for accommodation (comfortable, expensive / close to the conference site, moderately expensive / cheap etc.)
7. Meal plan (regular / vegetarian)