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Прикольні вислови про баскетбол і гравців

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"The Lord of no rings" - a plaque inscription in MY - about Lebron James

"... black Mamba" - on Kobe

"The Polish Hammer" - a nickname of Marcin Gortat, a center for Phoenix Suns, acquired from Orlando Magic

"Too big, too fast, too strong... too good!" - the fans' motto on Derrick Rose

"He's so fast he could switch off the light and get to bed before it gets dark"  - on Russel Westrbrook

"Give it to me, Big Sexy!!!" - emotional comments on the veteran Kurt Thomas's successful plays...

"He's busy... he's got to take care of many things.... like... the world" = Derrick Rose on Obama's claim of supporting the Bulls and a promise to attend their game if they should reach the finals.... :))

"Beat L.A. !!! " - the fans' motto in Clippers @ Rockets game

"Geeeee-rald Wallace!!!!" - the whole hall chanting after Wallace's tough retaliation to Ron Artest's dirty play

"Spectucular basket!!!..... Mama!!!!  There GOES THAT MAN [grouling]"  - on D. Wade scoring unbalanced and drawing a foul vs 76ers in Round 1 Game 1, 2011 play-offs

"You know the rule: hand down - man down !!!"  - on hard fouling during the play-off games



"Fear the beard !!!" - on James Harden after a successful Game 2 vs Dallas in Western Finals....



Death, taxes and a Tim Duncan bang-shot - they're ALL gonna happen (PHO Suns @ SAS  Jan 15, 2012)
- biggest night for Tim Duncan in thi\e young 2011-2012 season so far... 24 pts, 11rbs ....



Mozgov is now a verb :))))))))))))))))))


Вы здесь » Vinland - The Land of the Free » Basketball and NBA » Прикольні вислови про баскетбол і гравців

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